Voices from Childhood


“Voices from Childhood” wants to share the truth about childhood reality, also with letters, which are not meant to be sent to parents, but have been written to share the truth about our childhood with others, and for their emotional, therapeutic effect. "Voices from Childhood" is meant to articulate the suffering and ordeal of our childhoods and to give voice to our truth. "Voices from Childhood" gives us the chance to voice what we always wanted to voice, but never were allowed to, and never could because there was no one to listen to us and believe us. "Voices from Chilchood" provides the opportunity to help the child we have been to finally speak up, show her/his perspective, complain, protest, and tell his/her truth.

By writing the truth about our childhoods, we become empowered to understand the reality, and the pain and suffering of our childhoods better, and we can create a deeper, more loving connection with the child within, whose advocate we become. Through writing, we can be more and more on the side of the child, hear and understand her/his plight, encourage him/her to recognize its reality and truth and to voice the feelings that come along with that.

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Barbara Rogers